Mara Levi is a Smart Pop musician who has been touring the nation for the last ten years. Her passion for music and for life is reflected in her songs which get more personal with each album. Mara's music is catchy and intelligent, and mixes bluegrass, hip-hop, folk, pop, and jazz. Classically trained, Mara grew up listening to folk music, studied jazz composition, and fell in love with Rock and Roll. Mara is about to release her third solo album, "We Listen to Fools," a full-band album of heartbreak songs that will make you want to sing.

We Listen to Fools is an album of songs that chronicle the frustrations that come at the end of a long relationship, and the confusion that follows. Written over the course of two years, the songs represent Mara's body of work since her last CD in 2007. The recording process took 6 months and was funded almost entirely by fan contributions. Mara went to a studio to record the drum tracks, but recorded the other instruments and vocals from her home studio. Backing vocal cameos are made by Nancy Eddy and Liz DeRoche, the other two members of Mara's band, The Pushovers.
The album keeps with Mara's tradition of multiple backing vocal tracks and catchy but complex tunes, but takes a radio-friendly turn with full band and electronic arrangements. Jangly guitars and poppy hooks abound, making even songs in 5-4 time feel accessible and fun. While the content of many of the songs is sad, the overall feel of the album is upbeat, signaling a bright future for our fair hero and for her album.

In order to keep costs and carbon footprint low, Mara did not print any CDs, and is instead selling the album only in a digital medium. Fans who want album art are encouraged to buy the album t-shirt which IS the art for the album. Downloads will be available through Mara's website and through all digital retailers. T-shirts will be available through Mara's website and at live performances.

More about Mara:
Mara Levi (Mah' ruh Lee' vee) was born in Ohio where music was a part of her life from an early age. Mara went to Amherst College where she studied jazz composition and arranged popular music for her a cappella group, sang in the choir, all the while playing bass in a rock and roll band, Kid Sampson.

Mara began her solo musical career in 2002 after Kid Sampson broke up. Her first solo CD, "Life's a Ball," reflects her rock and roll upbringing as well as her folk sensibilities. Mara's music has evolved to encompass not only pop and folk music, but her jazz and classical roots as well. Mara plays Smart Pop Music: Music that is catchy and accessible, but also intricate and smart. She sings about politics, love, and stalking celebrities, all with characteristic wit and signature complexity.

Mara's second solo CD, "What Are You?" is a departure from the style of her first solo release. Intentionally eclectic, the album and its title directly confront the notion that anyone can be easily defined, or that people should be expected to have an answer to the question, "What Are You?" Mara recorded every track on the album from her home in DC, using only instruments that she could play herself. The result is an album that sounds less like top-40 radio, and more like a reflection of Mara's varied musical interests. Many of the background vocals were arranged to mimic vocal groups from the '40s and '50s; bass parts run the gamut from simple bluegrass to actual countermelodies; improvised trumpet and vocal parts join open voicings of common chords to add elements of jazz; one song takes its structure and background vocals directly from Johannes Brahms; old and new voicings and sounds combine to give the album a complex and very human range and diversity.