we listen to fools
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"We Listen To Fools" Track List

"We Listen To Fools" Credits

1. Gotta Get Out
2. Is This My Life
3. What If We Try
4. Sing Hallelujah
5. She Says She Knows
6. Sing So Loud
7. Friends and Fools
8. So They Say
9. Tired Lonely Fools
10. Happy Song
11. Wind Will Back
12. So Long
Produced by Mara Levi,
Ginny and Ray Levi, Jody Kenner, Friends and Fans
Drums Produced by Steve Wall
Drums and Percussion: Ashley Baier
Backing Vocals: Liz DeRoche, Nancy Eddy, Zena Barakat, Meredith Palmer, Mandy Townsend, Jessie Weber, Kit Keenan, Amber Orlando
Other instruments & drum programming: Mara Levi
Mixed by Steve Wall
Mastered by Owen Muir
© 2010, Mara Levi