we listen to fools
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More info about We Listen to Fools

We Listen to Fools is the third solo release from Smart Pop Musician, Mara Levi. Written over the course of three years, many of the songs deal with the end of a five-year relationship. Others tackle Mara's frustrations with a music industry that values conformity over individuality, the injustice of a capitalist system that rewards selfishness, and (of course) the search for new love.
The album features the musical stylings of Nancy Eddy and Liz DeRoche of The Pushovers singing backing vocals, and Ashley Baier on drums.

Mara's blog discusses the process through which she produced the album in greater detail.

As an independent musician, Mara has chosen to release We Listen To Fools purely in a digital medium. She has not printed any CDs, and instead is selling the album purely through downloads. Individual songs and the digital album may be purchased after 10/5/10 here through CD Baby, or by purchasing a download card and t-shirt HERE.

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