we listen to fools
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Download Instructions for We Listen to Fools

** This is a new window! You can move easily between this page and the download page you just came from
without using the back button.

1. Enter the code from the back of your card into the Access Code field on the Music page
2. Choose EITHER to download the album as WAV files or MP3 files
---- NOTE: WAV files are BIG and take a while to download, but are of high quality.
--------Your media player will probably turn the files into MP3s anyway.
-------- The MP3 files are much smaller and should not take long to download.
3. After you download the files, double click on the Zipped file. Your computer will automatically unzip the folder.
4. Drag the music files (the ones that end in .wav or .mp3) into your media player
5. Double click on the .pdf to see the lyrics and art.
6. Enjoy!