Bitch LOVES Mara's new album!
"Mara Levi has written a fun and sassy album whose hooks sunk into me immediately!"

Interview about We Listen to Fools on Rainbow World Radio
Stonewall Society founder Len Rogers asks Mara about the new album and life in Brooklyn.
Quote from Len Rogers:
"Mara Levi's much anticipated new CD "We Listen To Fools" is an amazing musical journey. Pure Levi in that it shares, excites, and entertains. Oh yeah did I say entertains? Well worth the wait and an excellent showcase for that award winning talent we have come to love. Brilliant work, Bravo."

Les Enfants Terribles
"In addition to teaching music and participating in Girls Rock! DC, Levi found time to drop her third CD, We Listen to Fools. Oh, and it rocks."

After Ellen Magazine
After Ellen features Mara and has a great sense of humor about it. Have a laugh...

Bitch Magazine
"Mara Levi's second solo album...finds the Washington, DC-based singer-songwriter back for another round of folksy, waltzy, and sometimes jazzy tunes built around a base of unapologetically open lesbian themes..."

Chicago Free Press and OutSmart Magazine,
"The components that made “Life’s A Ball,” Mara Levi’s debut disc, so appealing are all present on her delightful sophomore effort “What Are You?” ( She has not abandoned her sense of playfulness nor have her songwriting and performance skills been dulled in any way..."

Performing Songwriter Top 12 DIY
"...What Are You? combines creative harmonic modulations with sharp references to pop culture. The result is a record that will woo your ears while surreptitiously increasing your social awareness, and that’s never a bad thing."

Stonewall Society
"With this sophomore release Mara Levi breaks new, old, unfamiliar, and familiar ground with masterfully brilliant skill. Genre-spanning power vocals and deep layered lyrics combine to form a grand bouquet of eclectic musical talent that is pure Mara Levi."

Metro Weekly Review (4 stars)
"...Her songs are complex creations, with ravishing chord changes, catchy melodies, and dazzling harmonies...But their complexity is subtle; she doesn't beat you about the head trying to make you notice it. She just wants the listener to have as much fun as she obviously did making it..."

Cover of Metro Weekly and Interview

GO NYC Magazine Review
"...her multifaceted personality emerges through simple, honest lyrics. It is impossible to pin the album down to one stylistic genre..."

On Tap Online Review
"In creating this record, the musician demonstrates a variety of musical interests, and challenges anyone who attempts to define someone else (hence the title). It works..."

The Homo Song wins Pride in the Arts 2005 Camp Pride Song Award
The awards are fan determined, and that year over 3,000 people were active in the nomination and voting process.

On Tap Online Cover Story
"The frankness of Levi’s vocals binds the songs together, lending emotion that never sounds contrived and never overshadows her melodies." Great review and lots of other local female musicians to check out! Read it!

City Paper Pop Quiz
"The problem with so much of what they call popular music is that it's so unrelentingly dumb. So extra thanks to MARA LEVI for producing what she calls "Smart Pop." And smart it is, as well as wonderfully tuneful." Read the Quiz and have a laugh
"With the release of her first CD, Life's A Ball, Mara Levi stands on the threshold of crossing from the independent music scene into that of Pop mainstream. But Mara Levi is anything but Pop, even though she describes her own sound as Smart Pop. No doubt, it's catchy-but it's also clever, and maybe more importantly-accessible to a mainstream audience that might shun the likes of similar guitar troubadours like Ani Difranco. There's meaning here, and you only realize it after listening to the thirteen tracks on her debut release. Then you suddenly notice that, like that last track states: "I've Arrived." Indeed she has." Read the Interview!

"...Standouts include “In My Head” (an attention getter), “Hey Mister” (a multi-faceted song that has hit written all over it), “So Sorry” (a dramatic, gear-shifting tearjerker), “Without Alarm” (a straight-ahead rocker), “No Difference” (a heartbreaking ballad complete with horns and strings)..." Read More!