we listen to fools
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A word about We Listen to Fools

Things you can buy (on sale until 1/2/12):

We Listen to Fools is a totally digital album! There is NO CD to buy. You can purchase the music alone, or if you want more, you can buy a t-shirt with the album art and also download a file with lyrics and art for your computer. Look to the right to place an order. You can also learn more about the album HERE or by reading the ALBUM BLOG

I use paypal to collect money for merchandise. You can pay them with a credit card without opening an account. If you prefer a different method of payment, please contact me.
We Listen to Fools (music + tshirt)
- $10

We Listen to Fools (just music) - $8
I email you a download code - no shipping!

What Are You? - $5

Life's a Ball - $5