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Original Vector art by Mara Levi
Mara Levi_ Music.png

              Mara grew up in

   Ohio, and began playing music

when they were 4. In 1996, Mara

joined the band Kid Sampson, and fell

in love with rock and roll. They wrote and arranged music for jazz ensemble,

a cappella, rock band, and more from that time forward.
In 2001 Mara began performing as a solo artist, and recorded three solo albums before joining with The Pushovers starting in 2008.

Mara completed a Master's degree in Music Education in 2012 and taught songwriting, recording techniques, 
music history, choir, and band in public schools until 2023. Mara

is currently pursuing a certificate in UX Research and Design. 

They still teach privately and

     the Pride Chorus at NCMC

              in Northampton.

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