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Mara Levi Arranger

A Cappella, Choral, and Band Arrangements

I've been arranging music for more than 20 years - I've arranged for college a cappella, high school choir, high school band, and community chorus. All arrangements can be downloaded as .PDF files and many have parts recordings zipped with them as well. If there's an arrangement that looks interesting to you, but that isn't arranged for the goup you've got, feel free to reach out to see if I can make some easy edits to tailor it to your needs.

I created most of the arrangements here for groups I was working with. They wanted to perform a particular song so I arranged it for that group, knowing their strengths, weaknesses, and overall skill levels. Most of these were made for beginning and intermediate high school groups with limited lower voices. All were created for groups who wanted arrangements of songs that couldn't be found from major publishers. 

I'm an independent musician and teacher! You could easily buy one of these, copy it, and never pay for it again. I'm asking you to support my work (and the work of other composers and arrangers) by purchasing an arrangement EACH time you perform it with a different group. Thanks for being honest and for supporting independent musicians!

Sample of Mara Levi's arrangement of Brave by Sara Bareillis

Brave, Sara Bareillis

SAB + Solo, HS Medium, A Cappella 

Feature a strong pop soloist with repetitive triadic backgrounds. Add beat boxing for some flair or keep the stomping and clapping throughout the chart!

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En Mi Viejo San Juan, Noel Estrada

SATB + Guitar, Medium

Not extremely difficult, but sounds great once your group learns it, this piece is in Spanish and is about someone who has left Puerto Rico, but longs to return. 

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Sample PDF of the sheet music for En Mi Viejo San Juan, arranged by Mara Levi
From Now On Sample SATB Arr Mara Levi

From Now On (Greatest Showman), Benj Pasek and Justin Paul

SATB + Solo + Piano, Community Choir Medium

After the opening solo, this is an ensemble piece with fun, satisfying harmonies and even a hint of I'm Coming Out (Diana Ross) at the end. The piece builds in intensity towards the anthemic a cappella ending.

Sample PDF of the sheet music to From Now On, an arrangement by Mara Levi

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I Found Sample
Sample pdf of the sheet music to Mara's arrangement of I Found

I Found, Josh Keogh, Amber Run

SATB A Cappella, 9 parts, Difficult 

Difficult but accessible, this reimagining of the beautiful I Found by Amber Run is a full ensemble feature that could be done by a strong high school a cappella group or a larger college group. 

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