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Last Chance Soda album cover

Mara began building a rock and roll career at the ripe old age of 19 with indie-rock band, Kid Sampson. Mara studied music composition at Amherst College as Kid Sampson began to take off. This album was the band's SECOND, and was recorded in 1999 at Slaughterhouse Recording Studio and in the practice rooms and dorms at Amherst College with amazing musicians from the college community. 



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Produced by Kid Sampson and Owen Muir

Recorded by Owen Muir

Drums recorded at the Slaughterhouse by

Mark Alan Miller, John Truscinski, Jose Ayerve

Mixing and extreme helpfulness by Mark Alan Miller
Mastered by Chris Athens at Sterling Sound, NYC

Artistic consulting by the weathered Josh Friedman

Band Photo by Owen Muir

Horn Props to Dina Levi

Guitars n' stuff provided by Chris Fargis

Recording Space thoughtfully provided by

The Amherst College Music Department and 

WAMH 89.3 in Amherst

Intermittent clicks amply provided by The Clock

Kid Sampson is Mike Sullivan, Mara Levi, Jeremy Sosenko

All instruments played by Kid Sampson except:

Strings on What About Your Friends, So Right, Dansk Ferie:

Violin: Gonzalo Cruz-Schiavone, Sebastian Cruz-Schiavone, Roland Satterwhite

Viola: Sam Rice-Townsend

Cello: Jane Ha, Jonathan Christopher Min


Horns on Do Me, Cornelius, Not Good Enough:

Trombone: Benjie Messer

Tenor Sax: Emiliano Garcia

Alto Sax: Michael Pisapia

Baritone Sax: Terran Olson

Brass on The Truth:

Trumpet: Jacob Cooper
Trombone: Philip Chiu, Benjie Messer

French Horn: Adam McClay

All songs © 2000, Fancy Records


1. Beginning

This is really just piano - no lyrics!

2. Lullabye

Though I'm small you can see me in the mirror

When you close your eyes

In your teardrops and in the ocean

I devote myself to running through the night

In your mind, may these words find their disguises

Somewhere deep inside

Reason gives way to superstition

Baby, I will pull you back with my lullabye

In your dreams, it may seem the waves are stronger

And that they'll pull you down

If you fear them, you will not hear them

Then you'll be stuck there on the ground

I don't dare paint this picture all in gray

'Cause too many critics would lose interest in my pain

So take my word, it's just a song with universal themes

Such as anarchy, and fate, and talking dreams

Do not cry for in this land, it is forbidden

This is a song of hope

It's not just a dream, dear to live forever

So forget your mortal fears and live it up

'Cause in the end you will find that I am with you

That I am in your eyes

And tomorrow, and tomorrow

I will never leave your side

Lullabye, you can make your own tomorrow

But you must make it yourself

If you want comfort, Look somewhere else, dear

Comfort never satisfied your heart (x2)

You've got your ticket, now you're ready for the search

Don't you listen when they tell you what you need

You just jump that plane or hop in bed

Whatever gets your head 

Right back in my arms where you belong

If you're lost, you may think I'm gone forever

But I am doing fine

In your teardrops and in the ocean

It's a long way out to see the other side

Don't think twice about the past, you are not fleeing

No you just leave her behind

Be an artist, and sell the story

You just swim yourself to shore and you're doing fine (x3)

3. Forever Baby

When will this ever cease, so sick of asking why

But who the hell wants peace 

Yeah, come on baby, make me cry

I can play forever baby, I can play forever baby

Nothing ever has to happen

I'm not like everybody else

No, no one else

When will you ever learn that wasn't what I meant

So don't talk out of turn and stop looking so petulent

I can say forever baby, yeah, yeah, yeah, forever baby

Nothing ever has to happen

I'm not like everybody else

Listen up!
I'm not an idiot, you're not a child

We can go on and pretend we're doing something worthwhile

Oh yeah, we're doing something

Then, when will this start for all this useless plotting

So watch me fall apart and keep smiling, keep nodding

We can stay forever baby, we'll just stay forever baby

Nothing's ever gonna happen

We're not like everybody else, no,

We're not like everybody

4. What About Your Friends

Well, a rock never moves without a hand

And a hand never lends itself to harm

Well, harm is subjective to a rock, anyway

Words never served me quite as well

They hide in the cracks, and I can't explain

Well you never needed me to speak anyway


I can walk away now

I can walk away now

I'll find a way to get by if I get out

Well, the cold brings his reticent approach

Bearing news of a change a year away

Just to breathe takes the strength she has to stand all away

It's the things no one sees that we all share

On the border, the cheese becomes the truth

So forgive the simplicity and stay anyway


It's what I meant to say
You can't demean that

I'm no good anyway

So pretend that you knew that and leave some space

Oh, I'm like that, I'm like that 

I'm like that, I'm like that

So, run, little girl, you cant' stay

These rocks, they are too big for you to hold

And you'll never learn to throw them back anyway


I'm like that...

5. So Right 

Tell us a story, how things used to be

When people were nicer and no one was lonely

And no one was spiteful and no one was poor

Tell us the world's not so right anymore

Plenty of sunshine and people to see

Then love was dirt cheap and flowers were currency

But it's not as bright now and it always pours

It's dark and the world's not so right anymore

Realistic depictions of every affliction today

We need your advice, we need your attacking 

Til our defenses are cracking

Til we feel acutely for all that we're lacking 

So we look to you in your time of renown

Thinking we let ourselves down

No one was cynical, nothing ironic

The world needed harmony and you were the tonic

Now nothing's so trite as the songs you adored

Sounds like the world's not so right anymore

Say, say it could happen, tell us it's true

As long as we try to be much more like you

And we do

We have to believe you, we have to concur

You had to work hard to be simple as you were

And not like this age and accompanying rash

When you're choking on Haight and you're buried in Ashe

And you view with delight whom you used to deplore

So who cares if this world's not so right anymore

6. Do Me 

You can do me up for now

I can wash you away in just a day or 

Two for comfort minus me

Pick a flavor

You choose and I will count the

Days, they run together

Time will tell

The truth is never for forever

So you're fading and falling down

Bring me with you

As if I'd nowhere better

Take your break, we're standing by

You're the apple

Though frankly I've seen better

Days, they run together

Ah the time

Is gone forever and memory never


Take sides and I'll be fine

'Cause my patience is endless

And I'll be there, like you care

Oh the days they run together

Ah, the time won't last forever 

And pictures never

Sing for company and dance for me

It's all forgotten

Make way for self

Interest me in joining, I'll fall behind

Spring is breaking

Excused me I've got better

Days they run together

Ah, the time will take forever and 

Love will never

Back down and turn it around

Cherries for strangers

So proud to let it be

Justice is served

In the dark but not for long

True perfection never comes

You have to want it honey

All that running's gonna make you say

Right on, sing me a song

Love is for losers

Romances is far too dry and so contrived

Right on, string me along

Beggars and choosers

You hold back and I'll move on

Now who's strong

What a song

7. Cornelius

Hear us, save us, you're our only hope

You'll drown if you can't cope so

We can't give you too much rope just yet

Forget all your protests, you know it's true

I used to be just like you

But now I'm exactly who you miss

Let's start this again


When they say you're wrong dear

 Tell them you belong here

Tell them what I said

When they say you're tired

Say you're uninspired


OK now, we know you're smart

Dying in the name of art

Now if we try hard we can play our own best

Underwritten parts


You're gold, you're too old

Watching you react 

Just act like you weren't told

Let's all fold again


Tell them they're fired

Instead, they're dumb, they're done

They're dead

8. Mainstream Band

This is not a love song

And this is not a story book

We are not audible and

He still isn't off the hook

She is not a dreamer

You are not the silent type

He is not a communist and

This is nothing more than hype

We are not physical

They are not making plans

He is not coming here and

We are not a mainstream band


She could take her hat in her hand

But she was running around

And she was gaining no ground and well

She was moving inside of her dreams

Losing sight of the drive in the ride into Cleveland

He could take his hat in his hand

But he was running around

And he was gaining no ground and well

He was moving inside of his dreams

Losing sight of the night in the flight over Cleveland

There's nothing sacred about it

But it's a message for the kids


We are not a mainstream band

We are searching for the soul of America

We are not a mainstream band

And we're not gonna move til you understand

She is not a mention

And you are not a holy man

This is not convention

This is not for you to understand

They are not in prison

We are not on solid ground

She is not a waitress and

You are not supposed to make a sound

You are not invited

We are not near the end

This is not a legend, no

She is not your only friend



You are not a rock star

They are not dignitaries

He is not talkative

We are not prone to worry

You are not plastic

She is not made of sand

We are not sold out and

We are not a mainstream band

They are not chasing us

We are not the master race

You are not erasing much 'cause

This is not a typical case


[recent studies have shown that there is, in fact,

nothing sacred about it

But it's a habit for the kids]

Chorus x2

9. Mr. Wonderful

Doot doo doot doo...

Well, there's this man called Mr. Wonderful

And he lives in a palace

And he only goes outside if it's raining hard

He's a kind hearted soul

And he will save you from your misery

He will find you when you first let down you guard

And his ladies in waiting,

They provide him with his arrogance

So that he is risking nothing when he calls

He is safe there in his kingdom

Protected from my hatred

When he leaves so fast there's no chance to find fault


That's when he came along telling me that I was wonderful

Tempting me just for one moment to stay

He lured me with praises,

Intrigued me with danger

That I never thought I would crave

Well, he approached me at the right time

I'd been thinking about leaving

His deceit was what I needed to clear my mind

No, my actions were not heartfelt

They were cruel and calculated

So I let him break the boundaries I'd defined


He had broken something beautiful

In my blindness I had let him

My time spent with him, it opened my eyes

And they'll say, "Hello, Mr. Wonderful,

You forgot to check your messages"

And the rain outside is thick

And I'm falling fast

I do not deserve your kindness

I am frightened and judgmental

I would let you see my secrets if I dared

Though he left no visible fingerprints

You are tracing the pattern perfectly

And I feel that I should tell you he's been there

That's when you came along

Telling me that I was wonderful

Asking me just for one moment to stay

 You opened right, up asking nothing from me

Yes, you offered me more than I gave

That's when you came along

Telling me that I was wonderful

Asking me just for one moment to stay

If that's all it takes, I'll admit my mistakes

If you'll let me in out of the rain

Doot doo doot doo..

10. World Out There

It's okay, there's a world out there

There's a place where people never disagree

And understand apology

It's okay, there's a world out there

Everyone wears badges for the things they've solved

Like the way you like to get involved

It's okay, there's a world out there

Where no one dare talk about what might have been

Or lie awake and laugh at your chagrin

There's a world out there

Everyone wears scars in loads and goads and cries

At songs about prolonged goodbyes

So get set and be set

Miss the times you thought you had

Think you're alone

This is not that bad

But this is not your home

We will never disagree (x3)


11. She Moves
She walks through ice, no one to feed her fire

Now we observe the slowly melting beauty in her eyes

She moves in twos, liberty will conspire

Chewing the seams, instructing the severity and size


Can't you do anything

She's taking photographs, and we're waiting

She feels the groove, setting her clock to moonlight

Colors the tide of feature film celebrity attire

She walks alone, probably after midnight

Shifting the tables, and letting her significance expire


She's being modernized, and we're waiting

She moves through rock, she can be your foundation

You've never seen the yellow lines and warning signs displayed

She moves through oceans, use your imagination

Drown her in color and cast her in your suffocating shade


She's got an attitude, and we're waiting

She's going crazy with her fancy education

Forever numbing any sign of disenchantment

Why bother trying to escape from this disaster

That awful feeling that you once mistook for passion

She's going crazy with her

Forever numbing any

Why bother trying to escape

That awful feeling that you once mistook for passion


She walks through ice, no one to feed

She moves in twos, liberty will

She feels the groove, setting her clock

She moves through rock, she can be yours

She walks alone

12. Not Good Enough


That's not good enough, not good enough

One in a billion, so incredibly brilliant

Ashamed and resilient and

That's not good enough

But you're cute and you're built and you're beautiful

Blinding and brutal, but

That's not good enough

Oh, the air smells sweet

The tension's thick enough to eat but

Did I know what I know now

It's not surprising, coming to and realizing

That we're downsizing but

That's not good enough

Only they are so insistent I share

But I'm a team player and

That's not good enough

Oh, but I can't quit, I sucked it up enough to spit

But did I know what I know now

So am I regressing, or is it just regret

I wanted to be older

But it hasn't happened yet

Wanted to be smarter, and have the guts to say

Nothing's ever over, unless something is wrong

Now it seems that way

That's okay

We're not gone, and we can be strong

And we can move on but

That's not good enough

But it's fair, though I wish you weren't there

And that I was cool and couldn't care

That's not good enough

Oh the years go by, the fears subside and

I'm a brand new guy but

Did I know what I know now

That's not good enough


I know something's wrong

I'm not doing anything

I know nothing's wrong

I know nothing's happening

13. The Truth

If I'm sinking slowly then at least I'm breathing fast

And this is still a love song

Did I ever tell you about my second skin

I wear it for protection from the heart of my chagrin

It's become quite useful though these days it's wearing thin

An old forgotten treasure from the places that it's been

I started getting better when I let it out to fly

But now it won't stop circling no matter how I try

And I have all the symptoms but the doctors still deny

They say some sinner's Saturday is wrapped up in goodbye

If I'm sinking slowly then at least I'm breathing fast

And this is still a love song


'Cause wilder things have patience

And consciences are wrong

But you're the softest thing I ever

Take a moment, catch my breath,

And watch what I am falling into

Well I was only dreaming when you wanted me to play

But by the time I heard you, you were well upon your way

It's never when I'm searching that I find the words to say

I could turn the tide, but for the crashing of the waves

Now you've seen the emotion and you've heard me stand my ground

I'd sacrifice that toughness if my bruises could be bound

Don't the days go quickly when you start to count them down

We both know the impetus won't always be around

If I'm sinking slowly then at least I'm breathing fast

And this is still a love song


Sometimes the rain is only meant to spell disaster

Sometimes the truth is just as painful as it seems

So we won't sit and share our stories of survival

Well, in the darkness we can dream

If I become too obvious I'll censor my regard

I'll find the ocean quickly and I'll watch it from the stars

Then you'll melt me slowly from behind or you'll smile me off my guard

And I'll stop saying nothing just to keep you where you are

For all the sleep it's cost me, you'd think I'd know where to stand

For all the devil's trying, I can still control my hands

If it's cost you tears, well it was never what i planned

'Cause you're living it up on the dance floor and I'm playing it in a band

If I'm sinking slowly then at least I'm breathing fast

And this is still a love song


You're the softest thing I ever

Never had at all

14. Dansk Ferie

You'd lead a wild life, but while you're ready

This Serengeti, you've found your place

So much makeup, what a waste, well

If you're alone, don't be upset

The man in the doorway wants you to forget

Where's your extraordinary

Plan of action when dissatisfaction descends

Might be right, but it depends

If you're around, don't be surprised

The world is nothing in your eyes


How can I stand up so assured

And watch my friends going overboard

Why should I sit down and be still

When if I don't you will

Pretty popular but, you're no hero

Regular Nero the way you play

What was built in a day

If you're alarmed don't be concerned

Such a melodic way to watch it burn


It's not impossible but so elusive

Too inconclusive to say for sure

What's been left, what's in store

If you're alone, don't be distraught

You were nothing til you forgot


12 Not Good Enough
5 So Right
6 DoMe
13 The Truth
7 Cornelius
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