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Designing a Responsive Web Application


My first foray into creating a responsive web app as an assignment for CareerFoundry, An Apple A Day is a holistic, personalizable health tracking app. Below are a few of its first iterations including the evolution of the design, user interviews, and research analysis.

A Healthy Look

What looks refreshing, healthy, natural, and appealing? I started with blue, red, and green and then simplified. By the end of my first unit, I had a lone tree with apples. Then I realized that the connection between things, whether visible or not, is the thing that makes this app special, so I went with something new that looks like a constellation.

Look Deeper

Open this PDF to see the preliminary research I did into what need my app would fill, what competition currently exists, and what users would be looking for.

To the left find a document containing:

  • Problem Statement

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Business Requirements Document

  • User Stories


The next iteration

The logo and design evolved as my understanding of user needs and opportunities did. I saw there were not many holistic apps that provided advice and also tracking, and recognized that understanding the connections between their behaviors and their health outcomes is exactly what users wanted to see.

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