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Cover of We Listen to Fools. Click on the album cover to visit the detail page with lyrics, album credits, and other information; click on the album title (text) to listen to the album on Spotify.

We Listen to Fools is Mara Levi's third solo album. Written over the course of three years, many of the songs deal with the end of a five-year relationship. Others tackle Mara's frustrations with a music industry that values conformity over individuality, the injustice of a capitalist system that rewards selfishness, and (of course) the search for new love.
The album includes full-band sound, tons of backing vocals, and a wide variety of musical styles. It features the musical stylings of Nancy Eddy and Liz DeRoche of The Pushovers singing backing vocals, and Ashley Baier on drums. 



Produced by Mara Levi, 
Ginny and Ray Levi, Jody Kenner, Friends and Fans
Drums Produced by Steve Wall
Drums and Percussion: Ashley Baier 
Backing Vocals: Liz DeRoche, Nancy Eddy, Zena Barakat, Meredith Palmer, Mandy Townsend, Jessie Weber, Kit Keenan, Amber Orlando
Other instruments & drum programming: Mara Levi 
Mixed by Steve Wall 
Mastered by Owen Muir
© 2010, Mara Levi


1. Gotta Get Out 

I've seen that face before, woah

I'm in that place once more, woah

I need my level head but it's gone, oh it's gone away

Fit like a runaway train, ya di da dum

Oh not this fight again, woah

I'll make things right again, woah

How many swallowed cries can I take, can I take in a day

I'm fighting, I'm floating away

I'm screaming and clawing my way to the surface now

Every time I don't know what to say


I gotta get out, gotta get, gotta get, I've gotta get out, 
I gotta get out of here

I gotta get out of here, woah

So call me back this time, woah

I'll stay on track and on time, woah

You want my blood and sweat but you want me to give it for free

With nothing from you, pretty please

We've got things figured out, woah

We've read our plans aloud, woah

Oh, but all of these paper trails are just burning and blowing away

They float and they fade in a day

The best laid plans are best tested in fire or

Ever the weather will sever and fray




And in no time, I will be all time

Singing my sweet song of freedom, of hate 'em and leave 'em

In no time, I will be all time

I will be  all time out of here, carry on out of here

Is that your favorite line, oh

You look me in the eye, oh

You tell me that judgment hurts when it isolates you and your bros

Then you pass it yourself from your throne, oh

I disconnect my mind, woah

It's soaked in turpentine, woah

And it spreads its sour mood like a tantrum caught up with the plague

Oh, what will the optimists say

Do I let it take over or fight to the death, well,

No matter which way I just can't get away

Chorus 2x

2. Is This My Life 
It's just another new hotel room in the tourist district

She sees the ocean views she can't afford

She sees the diamond necklace in the dresser drawer

She gets the broom and sweeps the floor

Is this my life, she says, is this my life?

She gets the bus at 4am to get to work on time

She sees the days in dollars, one more paycheck, one more paycheck

She sees them buy a fancy dress they say they'll never wear

She slips their pocket change into her purse and saunters out the door

Is this my life, she says, is this my life?

What can I do if I want more, if I want more, if I want more?
What can I do if I want more?

She sees them lounging in their beach chairs one gray afternoon

She sees the necklace and the dress and they call out to her, singing

This could be your life, they say, this could be your life

She looks around and slips the dress and then the necklace on

She feels her back begin to straighten and her heart begins to fill

She looks into the mirror, blows a kiss, and saunters out the door

Is this my life, she says, is this my life?

It's just a few blocks to the bus stop and another life

She feels the heads turn as she struts her stuff, her smile begins to grow

She sees her worries fading every step she takes

She sees her children thriving in a private school

She hears a wailing siren coming much too close

They throw her in and shut the door

Is this your life, they say, is this your life?

This is my life, she say,s this is my life

What can I do if I want more, if I want more, if I want more

What can I do if I want more?

What can I do if I want more?

3. What If We Try 
Some kind of stranger, turned fast from an easy friend

I can't get to you now 'cause I'm in my head

We got our signals crossed, yeah, and you got me turned around, 

Now we both play at games and fall up and down

You know you thought it, you know I know you thought it

You think I might be crazy

You know you make me crazy, oh

Some passing fancy or a chance we'd both be happy

How do you know what's right - oh, it just keeps me awake at night

What if we try but crash and burn

How can the best of friends survive? 
We'll be just a little bit colder, just a little bit older

Will be falling or just falling down?

Talked to you late last night

Can't get myself to go home, home, home, oh no, no, no

I can't let you out of my sight

So where does that moment go, and how can it come again

I gotta get to you, gotta get out of my head


Don't let that moment slip 'cause it's your whole life in that kiss


We say, no matter what, you know this love is true

How can we ever see it through

Chorus 2x

4. Sing Hallelujah 
Have you forgotten me, have I blown kisses to the air?

Sing hallelujah, sing hallelujah if you dare

I take no pleasure, baby, I take no pleasure in your pain

Sing hallelujah, sing hallelujah in your name

I know my tale, I know myself, I know myself

I'll find the time, I'll find myself, I'll find myself

I lost some faith today but I learned my lesson good and hard

And that's what's left for me - empty boxes and sweet old cards

It's a long time wondering, time wondering why

It's a long time wandering, still empty inside


Sing hallelujah, sing hallelujah in the bright cold air, the bright cold air

5. She Says She Knows 

She says she knows I can do it much better and

She says she knows we are birds of a feather and

She sees beyond all the layers of meaning and

She knows that rhyming to me is playing someone else's game

And she looks at me with her wide open eyes, she says,

"Oh baby, see, it's all a symphony

The words don't mean a thing, they just fill the time and

I know that rhyming to you is playing someone else's game"

And she knows it's not yet over

Yeah, she can see it's not that far

But I've been chasing all these trains, I can't seem to lose my car

So, this is who we are


I was so young, I had nothing to lose when I 

Made up my mind and I took on these blues and now

I somehow still can't believe I might shake them and 
I'm here in no-man's land with my guitar and someone else's game


But I've played my part, I've been true, I've been kind, 

I said "Oh, baby see, I'm not just marking time,

The words don't mean a thing, they just need to speak, and 

I'm here in no-man's land with my guitar and someone else's game"


And I know it's not yet over

Yeah, even I can see that far

But I've been playing all these games, I can't seem to play guitar

Well, this is who we are



La, what we'll be is what we'll be

La, hey, and this is who we are


I've seen time run its course, I've seen fights for survival, 

I've seen missed opportunity turned into life, 

I've seen everyone else look this bull in its eyes and now

I'm jumping off the high dive fingers first in search of my own game


And I look at you with my wide open eyes, I say,

"Oh baby see, it's all a symphony, 

The words don't mean a thing, they just fill the time, and 

I'm jumping off the high dive fingers first in search of my own game."


And, we know it's not yet over

Yeah, we can see it's not that far

Oh, we just needed a few more hours to see we were fine where we are

And this is who we are



6. Sing So Loud 

Do they let you sing so loud​

Do they know your undertones, do they know your undertones?

Do they hear you cry at night

Do they see what you've become, do they see what you've become?

And you sing your life away

You sing so loud

You scream out loud

Don't go

Do you see it all in gray?

Can't you read between the lines, can't you read between the lines?

When you stay inside all day

Don't you know your vision's blurred - from outside it's less absurd



So stop chasing every single word

And stop seeing holes in what you've asked for

You can trust yourself to see the truth through the gray

So let's turn it on tonight

No adventure, nothing gained,

Every sacrifice explained



 7. Friends and Fools 

Soul is just a fool of mine

And empty is a friend of mine, oh

Saving, to my surprise, is all around me

It's all around me, yeah, oh

Smart is just a fool of mine

Eager is a friend of mine, oh

Charming, to no surprise, is all around me

It's all around me

And you know or you're sold

To the tune of three untempered notes

And alone, you will learn,

All your friends are fools, in darkness too, oh no

Kind is a fool of mine,

Time is a friend of mine, oh

And darkness, to these old eyes, is all around me

It's all around me


Karma is a fool of mine

Danger is a friend of mine

Patient is a fool of mine

Temper is a friend of mine

Heaven is a fool of mine

Hunger is a friend of mine

There's no justice or luck, but for all this time,

You know, no one is a friend of mine

No one is a friend of mine

It's all around me, all around me


8. So They Say 

I woke up today and you were gone

Heaven in my arms, but you were gone

I must have made you cry about every night - I take my time

Days like these, I know they come and go

I wanted time, and time I got, for sure

I wanna make your eyes light up for me

I take my time

So they say, so they say

There's April, and the rain,

There's Sunday, and the paper, and the moonlight

I'm not much for sweet goodbyes but baby this I know,

I can't see the moonlit trees since you've been gone

If you tell the truth, it can never be that bad

Today I crushed what little hope we had

You saw in me the light I'd believed was gone

I take my time

Don't ask why

I don't know why

Who knows why

I take my time



There's Sunday and the paper and a love song

I'm not much for sweet goodbyes, but baby this I know

I can't hear the sweetest song since you've been gone

Someday I'll see the shore as a welcome home

I'll let those waves wash o'er my weary bones

In water lies the clarity of saints but it rolls so slow

So I sing this song to an empty room

Sorry for myself, but more for you

I never let you dance to your favorite tune

I hear it now


There's Sunday and the paper and the ocean

I'm not much for sweet goodbyes but baby this, I know,

I can't feel the crashing waves since you've been gone

I'm not much for sweet goodbyes but baby, this I know

I can't hear the crashing waves,

I can't taste the sweetest song

I can't kiss the moonlit trees since you've been gone

9. Tired Lonely Fools

Tired lonely fools are we who labor our lives for captain's bounty

Iron clad in epithets, the treasure eludes its hungriest hunters

All you're ever asking is for a friend

Just another soul with some love to spend

The dream is alive, it's under your skin

The dream is alive, it's under your skin

Make mischief, everyone, and make of your life what you will, what you will

Tie off your cord and jump - behind you lies a stranger


(What I give to you, I will give to you)

Tied tight, tied tight, tied tight and all around

Around tonight, all night, tonight until you're found

And found, reunite, all night, in time but upside down

And down, you will lie, all night, tonight until you're found


Tired, and tied, untie yourself

Make it up or make it over

Ever after, ask no more of what might have been if you'd made your own


You need to dream, you need to hope

They trade us the lies and they feed us the dope

If it's forever out of reach

Here's to the reaching, throw me the rope

Sing hallelujah, sing what you will

It may seem futile but you sing it still

Wise to the game, it's all you can do

Sing hallelujah, sing it for you

10. Happy Song

Sing with me

Put your day away and let the sun shine through

It is waiting for you to feel it shining

Baby please,

Should my heart cry out a 

Laundry list of dark clouds looming

Snap me out and then sing it to me

This is your happy song

You see the music that can live in every moment

Let that carry you through

We've all had days like these

We know they fade into a mist of memories long forgotten

Better days make better stories

Baby, on days like these

I find my comfort in your understanding smile

As you hold me close, I sing it to you

You are my happy song

You are the music that can live in every moment

And you carry me through


And we sing right on, we sing right on

Make all the noise you can bear

And we sing right on, we sing right on

We will be heard

Think of these

Of swimming, sunshine, holding hands,

Of friends and celebrations

And the family that we choose to build

Sing it to the trees

Let the threat of judgment fade from your subconscious

Let your inner child make her noise and sing


This is our happy song

This is the music we are in every moment

And it carries us through

You are my happy song

You make me sing and dance and

move from side to side...

11. Wind Will Back

See signs for our new fire sale on a Sunday afternoon

We've run it through the labyrinth, what a dangerous to-do

What my language cannot breech, I'm so sorrowful to leave

We'll slip into a slide, gone forever from these times

The wind will back to, the wind will back to

The wind will back to you


When a younger, prouder fool, could disappear with no regret

So songs of newer life have a stranger flavor yet


We'll align

Stranger things, I've tried

We say goodbye


Is there final with a family, or do endings ever blur

Sing so long, we sang so long

We sang, and almost were




What will I do?

What will I do?

12. So Long


So long, my love

This is the same song, we know

And we've been singing forever and ever

Never a sign that we're home


Oh, we listen to fools and we listen to lies

But we all know the truth somewhere deep down inside

And it's hard to imagine, it's hard to feel free

But we all needed something in which to believe


Oh, it's the same song, it's the same lies

If it was tragic, we took it in stride

But where is the magic, yeah, where is that pride

It left us here wondering why, and we sing



It's the bare recognition of blank repetition,

But we find our voices do rhyme

Is it left up to fate or inertia, we wait

And we wait for the answers to find us in time





Oh we call ourselves lost and we measure the cost

But we all knew the rules when we signed up to play

It's a generous notion that faithful devotion
Is part and parcel reason to stay



Oh, I miss your face, my sure, kind friend

And I'm sick of beginnings and ends

But here comes the rain, the familiar disdain

And I'm worried we're back to the refrain

We sing again, we sing


If we've been dreaming of ever forever

There's never a time for goodbye

Is Thi My Life
So They Say
What if we Try
Tired Lonely Fools
Happy Song
Sing Hallelujah
She Sys She Knows
Wind Will Back
So Long
Sing So Loud
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