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This is a Real Album Cover Kid Sampson 1997

The very first Kid Sampson recording was actually made on a 4-track recorder in Jeremy's dorm room in Moore dormitory at Amherst College. Then, the group had the good fortune to meet Mark Alan Miller at (then) Slaughterhouse Recording Studio, and they got to record their first real album.

At the time, Mark was recording analog, the drum room was the actual slaughterhouse room, and the heat in the building was minimal. There were no indoor bathrooms, so occasional trips to the Big Y down the street were necessary. Of course, the group recorded in the snowiest part of winter. It was pure magic.



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Produced by Mara Levi, Jeremy Sosenko, and

Mark Alan Miller
Drums and Percussion: Mike Sullivan
Backing Vocals: Kid Sampson

Guitars: Jeremy Sosenko

Bass: Mara Levi 

Mixed by Mark Alan Miller

Slaughterhouse Recording Studio
Mastered by Jeff Lipton, Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
© 1997, Kid Sampson


1. So Right

We need someone to prop us up before we fall

Take away the weapons that would destroy us all

The shock will likely fade but the revulsion always stays

It's time to kill the messenger, 

Forget the message he relays

Your policy's constructive for all that it deters

We must make sure the lines are clean and that nothing blurs

Offending sensibilities, the culprit always pays

It's time to kill the thespian, 

Forget the person she portrays

Have heart, have fun, have faith that you're the one

Who has to make the difference in this world of ours

Sure thing, sure tough, not sure if it's enough 

But hey, it sure as hell beats parkin' cars

When you've got a good idea you've got it made

Nothing can be holier than your crusade (the way it's played)

Separate your whites and blacks and toss out all the grays

It's time to kill the monitor,

Forget the picture it displays

So strange, so new, so absolutely true, well

Something's either so right or so wrong

It's filling, it's thrilling, so it must be killing me

We should make sure this doesn't last too long

So right, so right, so right, so right

So right, so right

Well put, well said, you're looking so well fed

Something's either so wrong or so right

Make love, make merry, you make such a visionary

We should make sure this doesn't last all night

So Right...

You never leave me alone

It's time to kill the memory

And the hope that it betrays

2. B7​


So there's finally a problem

There's a fork in the road leading to success

I believe that it's trying

When you're trying so hard not to make a mess

So you've gotten yourself this far

So fearful that you will appear naive

Don't believe what they tell you

When they tell you that there's nothing to believe

It must be rough to live off the cuff

But that's not enough
When they say


Hey, those are the breaks and you do what it takes

So you survive

And you're killing yourself just by staying alive

Now what they're serving is laced

and you're loving the taste

You eat it up

And they empty their pockets while you fill your cup

So you've gotten an angle

You have xeroxed yourself a new point of view

All your plots have been realized

'Til you realize that they're pointed right at you

So you've gotten a problem

Don't believe there's a road leading to success

I believe what they tell you

After all, I am one of them, I confess

Now you are free, be all you can be

Just don't blame me

When they say


Hold your breath and give in

Let the rockin' begin

It's a pebble, you're a rebel


You've made your choice

It's time to rejoice

They've lent you their ears and they've taken your voice




3. The Way I'm Feeling Now

Here I'm sitting camera shy and picturing a time

When I was re[e]l and life was moving and you were mine

The film that lies on every detail getting pretty thick

The lights go off with just an order, just a flick


Image is nothing but you thinking

Superimposition and substance will do

But substance is dense an expense that is sinking so low, so terribly slow

But it's all framed up anyhow, a picture of the way I'm feeling now

The room is getting darker and it frightens me to think

That all the things that make me shu[tt]er just make you blink

Nobody is watching you and no one seems to care

The story is developing and you're not there


Your warrior's instincts about 

Guilting the notion that everyone's dreams will pan out

Zooming around til it's found that you're tilting the scales

But justice prevails

This is what they don't allow and this is for the way I'm feeling

Tired of filtering the crap that tends to interfere

Seeing as you're about to snap

Oh well I'm here

Here I'm sitting camera shy and picturing a scene

Somewhere between your niceties and what you mean

The film that lies on everything is getting pretty thick

It adds ten pounds of emptiness, and makes them stick


Drinking and making a mess

Waiting for overexposure to light your success

But these shooting pains just explain that you're 

Aiming your roll, and losing control

For everything you disavow distinguishing the way I'm feeling

Qualities that you endow qualify the way I'm feeling

Look at me and laugh out loud

Picture of the way I'm feeling now

4. Is This What You Wanted

Face front, back to the wall

Everyone's laughing and havin' a ball

Which means he's on call

Which means he'll begin

Which means bite your lip and just try to blend in, oh well

Too late, now you are seen

He's blowing smoke, no he's venting his spleen

He says something mean

You respond in kind

Why can't you see that he's robbing you blind, oh well

Is this what you wanted

Is this really fair

Is this what you wanted

Is this going somewhere

Sort out your loss and gain

He likes to be spotted, he acts like a stain

A hell of a pain, a hell of a man

He's part of your problem and part of your plan, oh well

Brain dead, parked at the bar

It takes more than knowledge to get where you are

He's waxing his car, he's waxing profound

He'd rather just have you than have you around, oh well


Is this what you wanted

Is this just a spare

Is this what you wanted

Is this going somewhere

And you lose all the things you'd arrange

Each time he looks at you strange

No will, no fear

How did this happen?
How did you get here

You're real endowed

It's really loud

You're hardly moving, I think he'd be proud and then

You lose your shielding and you become cold and then

Time is unyielding and insults grow old

You say something bold

Don't say you don't care

Don't say you don't mind it as long he's there

Is this what you wanted

Was this going somewhere


5. Power Trip

Well it's my fault, I'll take the blame this time

But I've got a few things to say (to say)

I have this passion lying undetected 

Waiting for you to trip the wire (goodbye)

We've grown apart, I need my space

I'm sorry that I'm pushing you away (I'm sorry)

I lead a riskless life, I follow orders

Restlessness is driving me insane (insand)


Yeah, I just sit alone and cry

At least the tears can run away

There's too much time to wonder why

But it's worth fighting all the same

It's nothing personal, I just need some time to be by myself (alone)

And I know we all lose interest in the drama when it happens all the time (that's fine)

It's too ambiguous, we never talk,

We all resort to playing guessing games (all day)

So when I'm angry I just shut it in, 

That's what you taught me - I'm doing fine (just fine)


[Things are all together fine, don't wonder whether this will last forever, nothing does]

But it's a power trip to play

Well, do I ask too much

Do I frighten you away

Well, the damage is done

And there's no chance that we'll change


I'll be constructive with my tantrums

But my criticisms cut a bit too deep (don't cry)

If I still need your help I won't admit it

I'm used to depending on myself (no one else)

Chorus x2

[you want me around, holding me down, want me to tell you about...]

6. Watershed:

Now we're so intertwined

Feels so funny, doing fine,

And I can whine until you say you miss me

But we're still plenty young

And I can hold out 'til you're stung

And hold my tongue until you deign to kiss me

I guess that I don't understand you

Guess that I don't understand you

Hey, now we're so involved

This situation, problem solved,

And I've evolved a method of defense

Next move would be a feat

Should decide, can't compete

No, my seat is still balanced on this fence


Couldn't prepare if I'd planned to

And I wouldn't be so spineless if I only had the nerve

And thank you for your kindness

Oh I thank God for your curves

So people who need people know that
People never get what they deserve

I can always believe

I can always save face

I can always just jump off the roof of this place

Last of the gentlemen

Feels so cozy in this pen

I'll write it off when you tell me you care

Watch me, I'm dignified

Caution's erring on my side

I have tried, and I have tried, and I have tried

And I have tried, and

I have tried but you're still over there


How should I know what I can't do

And I wouldn't be so spineless if I only had the nerve

I'm lucky for your blindness

But I wish I had your verve

So people who need people know that
People never get what they deserve

Chorus x2 

I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't understand you

7. In Her Hand 

Another month is wasted, and the days seem shorter now

And I think I must be doing something right

OK, so I'm still lonely

And OK so I'm still dumb, but

Hey, I think she smiled at me tonight

It's a definite sign, I'll take it

Though it was probably never meant for me

I wish I could tell her this was never my responsibility

I'd be stupid to hang around here

But even stupider still, I'm going home

I guess some people just aren't cut out

For a life where they are not alone

The trees are getting weaker and my will has followed suit

And I think that I might have made a mistake

So maybe I was wrong

To swear to give her everything

Well, maybe it was more than she could take

But if she is worth fighting for

Someone else would have done it a long time ago

And there's nothing left for her to tell me

That I don't already know

But I was destined to reach out to her

Though it was only to give the upper hand

While she won't even talk to me

It seems to go along with what I've planned

Hey, things are always changing

I know, I will hold out for the best

God, it just can't get worse than this

Hey, things will come around

I'm so sincere, I've got to be a hit with her

But things still feel amiss

Another month is wasted and I'm afraid I'm running out

Could everything begin to fall in line

OK, so things all work out

And OK so thank you fate

Now I can tell her anything

Except that she is mine

Maybe it's just because I'm greedy

Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead

I won't try to be satisfied

But maybe I should bite my lip instead

She's impressed that the leaves are falling

I'm amazed that she finally took a stand

As if things could be stalled from crashing

Down to earth, just to end up in her hand

Just to end up in her hand

8. Henry/Hank

Broken blind spots in the corners of your mind

They will run by you in your dreams

It's filed and classified to be redefined

When this is not what it seems

All this waiting, the shadows all around

Think it's beginning to take its toll

All this dreaming, I let my hopes go soaring

Then it's a conscious fight to keep control

All this emotion, forced out in happy tidings

Left behind this sadness deep inside

Then all this letting go, and the reason far away

It's a sign of weakness for me to hide


If I never have to think about it

Put it out of my mind

Just a steady flow of moderation

I can surely find a substitute and

I'll be feeling just fine

No highs or lows with automation


Pushing harder to keep the swelling down

Can't interrupt it from taking hold

Pushing faster to keep the senses busy

You can still ignore it, just don't let it unfold

Pushed out of business

Too much time and too much triumph

Still the room is empty when you lock it tight

Feeling pushed around and you reach the boiling point

It's a sign of weakness, it won't see the light


Reason now out of sight

I'll fly all the way tonight

What seems worse when the world is dark

Is only hidden by the light

Finding mystery, the shadow dances now

Don't dare uncover the truth it tells

I found an angel, I can let her visit me

But I'll never give in to the solace she sells

I found a dreamer, running high and turning sideways

There somehow lies the strength to stand alone

Why seek the answer now, green is pleasant idleness

Why question reality, just make your own



9. The Night Won't...

One day these things will get too deep

It has to happen, it has to happen

Then I won't ever fall asleep

But I'll keep dreaming, oh I'll keep dreaming just to say

I've seen the light

And it's hurt my eyes

But it's just a memory today

'Cause the night won't go away

Nothing to show for all I've done

It's very fleeting, it's so defeating

And there's nothing new under the sun

But it's disappearing and that's what I'm fearing, and I say

It looks so bright

But it's just a guise

And truth is not one to delay

And the night won't go away

And I say, I've seen the light

And it's hurt my eyes

I've blown ten thousand wishes

On starry skies

But time won't start when you depart

And I am forced to stay

And the night won't go away

And the night won't go away

10. It's Just

It's just a game on the surface

But now you're looking through

And everything is new

If what it really means

Is hardly what it seems

Well, no one fools me

Am I taking you for granted,

Do my insults cut too deep

Is the seed that we have planted

On a slope that's much too steep

Is my apathy contagious, do I drown you in my fears

Your presence is courageous, oh I don't deserve your tears

So just imagine my surprise

When I jumped in and closed my eyes

If it's a challenge you impose

I'll tooth and nail up to my nose

It's a common misconception that it's silence we should fear

But in slumber's resurrections it's your words ringing in my ears

We maintain a peaceful season through an amorous disguise

Would we fight if we had reason or would reason cloud our minds

Why should I have to ask at all

This one is not yours to call

And if we separate the costs

Then you will see what I have lost

If you knock then I'll answer the door

No one else makes me give any more

If the answer's been there though we've searched everywhere

Well then, why is this peace such a bore?

It's a straight and narrow crash course as we suit up for our roles

We encounter quite a task force when we leave our assigned poles

I am asking your forgiveness though I'm not one to back down

See, I'm fighting off this sickness

Needing someone else around

I know you expect much more

I promise, I know the score

And I'll respond when you accuse

It's what you risk, not what you lose

So just give me some time to explore

If these chains are what I'm searching for

'Cause I'm coming around since I like what I've found

But the drums start to pound

And I'm scared by the sound

That you won't have to cry anymore

11. My Hero
So glad to finally hear from you

Oh, that's funny, oh that's true

Oh, it's amazing what a little time can do

You never talked about the creep

But talk is useless, talk is cheap

You're pretty shallow if you think he's pretty deep

Compensate for this disparity

Be unobtrusive, be like me

It's not so super, this superiority

Hostility is in the air

I don't hate you, I don't care

I can't look down on you, it's impolite to stare

So sharpen your steel

I'm heeding your call

And testing your mettle through it all

Away we go

You're my hero

You don't know that

It's begun

Nobody's special, you're the only one

So sure that this will never work

So be reflexive, be a jerk

Ignore what doesn't have a benefit or perk

Don't talk, we'll chalk it up to chance

He can't take it, he can't dance

He's made a circus out of Bread and cirucmstance

Crossing your heart

And wondering why

I'm sticking this needle right into your

I maintain

You're my hero, you're insane

Now have your fun

Nobody's different you're the only

So glad to see you're doing fine

So hang around here, hang the swine

Hey, any friend of yours must be a friend of mine

Will morning make you understand

He's half awake now, half a man

So I won't wave at him, I never was a fan

If I'm doing fine

And you're doing well

If you're going places

I'm going to

Hell with that

You're my hero

You're not fat

Now you're not done

Everyone's bitter, you're the only one

To see

Sadness isn't necessary

You're so animated

Look, now I can read you

Like a comic book

12. Sweet Misery

Oh my sweet misery won't you comfort me again
And take all my life from me, you are my only friend
You are my only friend

Hey well maybe when I'm famous you will see me on TV
Could that provoke your call
Cause I'll never get to tell you how you changed my life
You made a mess of it all
And I wonder what's become of you, how you look now that you're grown
If they let you get that far
And I have so many questions, but you left before I knew them
Now who knows where you are


It's an action figure keepsake that helps me recall
The games that we would play
And your tears would fall so silently, you would never share your pain
You hid it all away

And the lump in my throat is a constant reminder of your
Quiet perfection, of our effortless connection
What's been missing since you left me is our
Innocent laughter, what comes after?  All I know

Chorus (3x)  


13. Going Out

Tell the sun to shine in, geez, we need much more of that

I feel her walking by me, feel my heart is turning black

A feeling of a memory of some courage I once had

When life seemed like a bowl of something

One gigantic clothing ad

If some fire of desire is what it is all about

Then the last disastrous furnace is going out

The rain drops have collected in her pale December eyes

Learned that drowning in your sorrows means that someone always dies

And if she talks to angels, who was I to interrupt

It was my dream to love her, was my job to fuck things up

She thinks that he's so holy

Never acted so devout

Now the patron saint of waiting is going out

I don't care now anymore

I swear I had a purpose once but I forgot what for

And I don't care now anymore

No, she pointed me to heaven and she pointed to the door

And going out

I see her in the distance of the corner of my eye

She's much too far to talk to, much too far to say goodbye

Now it feels like something's ending though it didn't even start

If our worlds once collided somehow now we're worlds apart

The final bell is ringing, it looks like I have lost this bout

Now please tell her she once mattered

Tell her how I wish I had her

Tell her all these dreams are shattered

Going out

Bonus Track: Intellectual (recorded on a borrowed 4-track)

When my alarm went off this morning I was not amused

I had to leave my dream behind

I was in the pantheon of cultural sophistication

Located somewhere in my mind

Voltaire was listening intently as I revealed my

Deepest thoughts for him

He told me he had never heard a lecture so enlightening

Historical significance of tin

But as I was leaving him and he began to turn away

Though he refused my calling card

I'm sure he smiled when he heard me say

Hey look at me, I'm an intellectual

So I proceeded to embark upon another journey

Into the world of common man

At times like these I have to limit my vocabulary

To make sure they understand

I took a break from all the rigors of my syllabus to

Spend time with my adoring fans

I met some wide-eyed girls who marveled at my perspicacity

Tried to comprehend my plans

You might think it'd be difficult because their minds are very weak

But I just keep on talking because

I know they just want to hear me speak


So self assured and so heterosexual

And I like Sartre, Camus, Tennyson

And Thackeray and Kant and Nietzsche

Gerety and Dostoyevsky, Pope, Pritchard

Don Elliott, and Me

I'm much smarter/I'm much better

We're all intellectuals

And I believe that there's an e e cummings planet out there

And God help me, I swear on the New Yorker

I'm going to find it!

But you can't ignore me now, or think of all that you would miss

A man at the top and the cream of the crop

And an incredibly engaging conversationalist


I laugh at your thoughts, they're so ineffectual

The Night Won't...
3. The Way
Its Just
Is This What
Power Trip
My Hero
Sweet M
Going Out
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