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Music For Life
Whether you are a parent looking for voice lessons for your children or an adult looking for lessons for yourself, I've got relevant experience that can help you. I was a touring musician for more than 10 years, and have taught adults with all levels of musical experience looking to improve performance skills or vocal techniques. In addition I am a trained music educator with a Master's in Music Education. I currently teach music, production, songwriting, and history at Commerce High School in Springfield. I'm comfortable teaching students as young as 10, and tailoring lessons to the needs of each student.
Learning and practicing music is hard work, but we must always work to remain connected to the joy that music-making brings us. Technique can be taught in a number of ways and through a variety of mediums tailored to a student's skills and interests. If you want to deepen your musical experience, consider studying one of these areas with me (see the right side of the screen):
Vocal Technique

Learn to use your voice to sing music you love. 

We'll study how to care for your instrument, its anatomy, and how to use it effectively. I'm trained and experienced teaching students Classical, Pop, Jazz, and Musical Theatre techniques.

Theory and Reading

Want to understand basic music theory? Need help picking out a song you like on an instrument? Looking for something to get you through a college-level course? I think reading and theoretical knowledge enrich the experience of music  (performing or listening) and I'm working on a book to help students practice these skills. Private or small group lessons are available. Theory or sight reading can be their own lessons or can be combined with voice or songwriting,


What makes a great song appealing to listen to? What tools do you need to write a song? We'll listen to songs you love, work on ideas you bring in, and help you develop the skills to write on your own. Songwriting can be its own lesson or can be taken in conjunction with voice or theory lessons

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